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Egret Armchair

Egret Armchair

This Egret armchair features a seat cushion made of suede leather, a wooden backrest, and metal legs, showcasing a unique and stylish appearance through the combination of multiple materials.


7,000.00 د.إ

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Material: Nubuck, Wood and Metal
Dimensions: 785*720*698


The seat cushion of the Egret armchair is crafted from nubuck leather, offering a soft and comfortable sitting experience while displaying the unique texture and delicate feel specific to suede. The characteristics of suede lend an air of elegance and comfort to the chair.

The backrest is made of solid wood, adding a natural texture and warm touch to the chair. The wood’s grain and color give the chair a distinct appearance, creating a material contrast with the suede leather and presenting a perfect blend of modern and traditional aesthetics.

The chair legs are made of metal, providing sturdy support while adding a modern and industrial style to the overall design. The metal legs also offer durability and stability, enhancing the chair’s practicality.

Technical Specifications