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Oasis Armchair

Oasis Armchair

The Oasis chair swiveling base adds functionality, while the detailed surface design elevates its aesthetic allure, making it a stylish and luxurious addition to any space.


8,800.00 د.إ

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Material: Nubuck Leather and Wood Leg
Dimensions: 690*750*790


The Oasis chair is crafted from luxurious green Nubuck leather with intricate linear details on its surface, providing a more three-dimensional appearance. The nubuck material offers a velvety texture and a rich, opulent feel to the chair.

The unique aspect of this chair lies in its ability for the base to swivel freely, allowing effortless rotation. This feature not only adds functionality but also enhances the chair’s versatility in various settings.

The nubuck surface is adorned with meticulously designed linear patterns, creating depth and visual interest. These detailed lines contribute to the chair’s aesthetics, making it stand out as a sophisticated and visually captivating piece.

Technical Specifications