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Dubai Hills

The project is located in Dubai Hills estate with a total build-up of 11,000 sq. ft. It is designed with a black-and-white color scheme. The design embodies the epitome of simplicity, modernity, and sophistication.

  • Black and White Contrast: The overall space is dominated by black and white tones. Black serves as the primary accent color for décor or furniture, while white acts as the foundational hue for walls, ceilings, and expansive furnishings.
  • Minimalist Modern Furniture: Furniture predominantly features black or white hues, such as leather sofas, streamlined coffee tables, and chairs. The furniture design tends to be sleek, and abstract, creating a modern ambiance.
  • Metal and Mirrored Elements: Metal accents, like mirrored stainless steel or polished metals are cleverly incorporated to evoke an elegant atmosphere. Mirrored walls, metallic light fixtures, or mirrored furniture could enhance spatial perception.
  • Exquisite Lighting Design: Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall interior design, featuring statement chandeliers and wall sconces that add layers and a unique ambiance to the space.
  • Premium Materials and Textures: Premium materials such as marble flooring, high-quality leather, and polished stone, as well as textured carpets, fabrics, or wall decorations, contribute to the luxurious ambiance of the space.
  • Plants and Green Elements: To add vibrancy and warmth, a few green plants are added to contrast the black and white tones, infusing a sense of freshness.

The design creates an atmosphere of ultimate simplicity, modern chic, and luxury. The contrast between black and white tones highlights the sophistication and elegance of the space while showcasing high-quality and refined taste.

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