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Dining Tables, Side Tables, and More...

At Lamasonaire, we boast a distinctive collection of modern tables, designed to suit the tastes of those who value both form and function in their living spaces. Our array includes stylish side tables that seamlessly blend with any decor, chic coffee tables that serve as the centerpiece of conversations, and elegant dining tables that elevate every meal. Beyond the essentials, our selection expands to include versatile kitchen tables, perfect for both daily use and special gatherings. For enthusiasts of natural aesthetics, our wooden dining tables exude warmth and timeless elegance, while our glass dining tables make a bold, contemporary statement, reflecting sophistication with their sleek surfaces.

Egret Side Table

Vis à Vis Wooden Modren Coffee Table

Vis à Vis Wooden Modren Coffee Table

Soleih Side Table Set for living room

Soleih Side Table Set

marble coffee table

Soleih Coffee Table Set

Saturn Round Dining Table

Rendezvou Coffee Table

Oasis Coffee Table

Nest Side Table Set

Nest Side Table