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Shanghai, Home Deco

This is a modern furniture showroom design that revolves around showcasing furniture and creative designs, creating an impressive space that attracts customers and designers alike. Open Layout: The showroom adopts an open layout, creating a sense of transparency and allowing smooth navigation between different areas. Segmentation may occur based on furniture types or styles, aiding […]

Office Dubai

A modern office design typically emphasizes functionality, comfort, and innovation, providing employees with a flexible and efficient workspace. Open Space: Common in modern office designs is an open layout, fostering teamwork and communication. This often includes shared workspaces like open desks or multifunctional areas. Natural Light and Greenery: Designs prioritize maximizing natural light while incorporating […]

Malaysia, Luxury Furniture Showroom

The design style of La Maisonaire brand furniture showroom typically embodies modernity, sophistication, and luxury. Modern Minimalist Style: La Maisonaire’s furniture showroom adopts a modern minimalist design, emphasizing clean, sleek lines that create a fresh and stylish ambiance. High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: The showroom utilizes premium materials like exquisite wood, high-quality leather, and marble, showcasing […]

Bar, Shenzhen, China

The design of a motorcycle culture-themed bar exudes the elements and charm of the motorcycle world, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere. The bar shows a variety of motorcycles and uses motorcycle parts as decor, such as tires, engine components, or frames, emphasizing the core of motorcycle culture. The design adopts an industrial style using […]