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Arc The Triomphe Bed Side Table

Arc The Triomphe Bed Side Table

The bedside table, with its genuine top-tier Italian leather exterior and solid wood construction, not only exudes luxury and sophistication but also provides elegant storage solutions for the bedroom, seamlessly integrating into various bedroom decor styles.


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Material: Wood and Leather


This bedside table boasts a unique design with its exterior adorned in genuine top-tier Italian leather, enveloping a core structure crafted from solid wood.

The bedside table likely showcases the intricate grain patterns and luxurious texture of Italian leather, adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to the bedroom. The solid wood frame provides reliable structural support while showcasing the natural beauty of the wood’s grain.

This bedside table may feature exquisite craftsmanship, with one or multiple drawers or storage spaces, offering convenience for storing items like books, glasses, and phones. The drawers might incorporate high-quality smooth sliding mechanisms, ensuring effortless opening and closing, complemented by refined metal handles or concealed opening mechanisms.

Technical Specifications