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Desert Sofa Collection

Desert Sofa Collection

The Desert sofa collection is modular design exudes a top-tier luxurious ambiance that seamlessly fits into any space it occupies.  It’s stunning.

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Material: Nubuck Leather or Fabric


This Desert modular sofa design meets diverse spatial requirements in modern living. The use of classic square criss-cross lines showcases exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality finishing. The sofa is crafted using premium nubuck leather.

Each module is meticulously designed to allow for flexible combinations based on personal preferences and spatial dimensions. This adaptability ensures it seamlessly fits various room sizes and shapes, be it compact apartment spaces or expansive family living areas.

The nubuck leather utilized for the sofa not only leaves a lasting impression but also boasts durability and superior quality. Renowned for its soft touch and velvety texture, this high-quality leather imparts luxury and comfort to the sofa.

The classic square criss-cross lines not only exhibit impeccable craftsmanship but also add an element of elegance and sophistication to the sofa. These design details highlight meticulousness and professionalism in the manufacturing process, lending the sofa an elegant appearance and remarkable texture.

Overall, this modular sofa crafted with nubuck leather not only showcases exceptional craftsmanship and superior finishing but also offers various spatial layout choices, bringing together elegance and practicality in home furnishing.

Technical Specifications