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Eclair Modular Sofa Set

Eclair Modular Sofa Set

  • Eclair Modular Sofa set

The Eclair sofa not only serves as comfortable furniture but also as a statement piece, highlighting modern, chic, and dynamic design aesthetics.


51,520.00 د.إ

  • AED
  • USD
Material: Available in fabric and leather


Eclair Modular Sofa Set inspired from the design of supercar. It features sleek, curvaceous lines reminiscent of a car’s body, exuding a sense of dynamism and speed. The Eclair sofa emphasize a clean and simple aesthetic. Crafted from premium leather or fabric, it offers both comfort and durability.

One of its characteristics is its modular design. The sofa unit stands relatively independently, allowing effortless combination and assembly to create various shapes and sizes. The modular sofa can be arranged in configurations like L-shaped, U-shaped, S-shaped, and more, enabling users to arrange them as desired and adapt to changing spaces.

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