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Liberty Armchair

Liberty Armchair

The Italian full-grain leather chair with a comfortable footstool provides a high-quality luxurious feel and a comfortable experience for your space.


11,000.00 د.إ

  • AED
  • USD
SKU LMC2023007 Category
Material: Top Italian Grain leather
Dimensions: 880*880*900


This chair is crafted using top-tier Italian full-grain leather, known for its softness, durability, and luxurious appeal. The craftsmanship ensures the leather’s texture and appearance are immaculate.The footstool accompanying the chair is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly and comfortable. It uses soft Italian top grain leather, providing excellent support and relaxation for the feet. It’s design harmonizes with the overall style of the chair, presenting an elegant and ergonomically friendly appearance. This chair is a blend of luxury and practicality. Not only does it offer high-quality leather, but it also prioritizes user comfort. Such a chair is suitable for placement in living rooms, lounging areas, or reading corners, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort to the space.

Technical Specifications