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Luneur Dining Table

Luneur Dining Table

With its bold sculptural-shaped base with its base that is a combination of three massive sheets of steel, currying an impressing odd-shaped grey unpolished marble, the Luneur table imposes a strong, ultra-modern feel.


30,000.00 د.إ

  • AED
  • USD
SKU LMT2023150 Category
Material: Nature marble and stain


The Luneur marble dining table commands attention with its striking sculptural-shaped base, a fusion of three substantial sheets of steel cradling an impressive irregular marble. This bold design not only captivates but also imparts an ultra-modern essence, creating a visually compelling and powerful presence. The marriage of massive steel elements and the unique marble top transcends conventional aesthetics, establishing the Luneur table as a symbol of contemporary design that seamlessly integrates strength, innovation, and sophisticated artistry, making a distinct statement in any avant-garde living space.

Technical Specifications