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Mont Blanc Bed

Mont Blanc Bed

this bed, designed with nubuck  leather, exudes a sense of luxury with high-quality materials, providing an elegantly comfortable sleeping experience.


25,200.00 د.إ

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Material: Availble in Nubuck Leather or Fabric


The Mont Blanc Bed is crafted with luxurious materials, featuring a design primarily using suede leather. Suede leather is an exquisite and high-end material known for its softness and delicacy, achieved through a special treatment process. The bed’s surface incorporates this suede leather, offering an incredibly comfortable feel that resembles the smoothness and softness of silk.

This design showcase the elegance of suede leather either on the headboard or across the entire bed surface. The headboard could employ intricate craftsmanship or carving techniques, creating a distinctive visual impact and enhancing the bed’s ambiance. Simultaneously, the overall design might feature clean lines and a strong contemporary style, emphasizing the sophistication and grace brought by the suede leather.

The bed frame’s design would harmonize with the bed surface, possibly using select wood or metal materials to ensure a sturdy and durable structure. The overall style of the bed would likely highlight the delicacy and luxury of suede leather, while emphasizing the perfect fusion of comfort and design.

Technical Specifications