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Musique Side Table

Musique Side Table

The round wooden top covered with genuine leather on the sleek tripod steel legs gives this table luxury look while remains simple and occupies minimal space.


2,000.00 د.إ

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Material: Leather, solid wood and stainless steel
Dimensions: 600*480*570


Elevating simplicity to a new echelon of luxury, our table boasts a round wooden top adorned with genuine leather, creating a sophisticated aesthetic that seamlessly marries opulence and minimalism. The sleek tripod steel legs, meticulously crafted for both form and function, not only provide stability but also contribute to the table’s overall sense of refined elegance. This fusion of premium materials and thoughtful design not only imparts a lavish appearance but also ensures a space-efficient footprint, making it an ideal addition to any environment where style meets practicality. The harmonious blend of genuine leather, wooden craftsmanship, and steel engineering transforms this table into more than just a piece of furniture – it becomes a statement of tasteful living, inviting you to savour moments of elevated comfort and aesthetic delight.

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