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Saturn Chair

Saturn Chair

this dining chair stands out for its premium woodworking, complemented by solid wood legs and inspired by elements of the moon.


4,200.00 د.إ

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Material: Fabric and Wood Leg
Dimensions: 540*670*920


The chair’s design incorporates impeccable woodworking craftsmanship, showcasing a luxurious texture and intricate details. The woodwork  exhibits the contours of the moon patterns associated with it, emphasizing the overall design concept of the chair. Carving or unique woodworking techniques may be employed, drawing from the imagery of the moon to present a splendid and creatively crafted appearance.

Additionally, the chair is equipped with solid wood legs, providing robust support to the overall structure. The use of solid wood grants the chair a natural aesthetic and durability, complementing the design of sophisticated woodworking seamlessly.

Technical Specifications