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Arc The Triomphe Bed Stool

Arc The Triomphe Bed Stool

The bed end bench, with its combination of solid wood, Nubuck, metal legs, and a clean, flat design, exudes modernity and durability, adding utility and aesthetics to the room.

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Material: Nubuck leather, wood and stainless steel


This bed end bench features a minimalist design, combining solid wood, nubuck leather, and metal legs, presenting a sleek and straightforward appearance.

The bench is crafted from solid wood, displaying the natural texture and grain, providing a sturdy structure. Nubuck are be used for the seating area, offering a soft seating experience and a modern look. Metal legs likely support the bench, designed to be simple yet durable.

This bed end bench adopts a flat design, with a flat and minimalist surface, showcasing modern and minimalistic characteristics. It could be suitable for placement at the foot of the bed or in other areas of the room, serving both as additional seating and a decorative piece.

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