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Himalaya Chair

Himalaya Chair

The armchair, with its minimalistic design, employs black and white premium Italian top-grain leather inspired by a zebra,


8,400.00 د.إ

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Material: Top Italian Grain leather and solid wood


This Himalaya chair features a minimalistic design, utilizing premium Italian top-grain leather in black and white, drawing inspiration from a zebra. The backrest and legs are seamlessly crafted from high-quality solid wood. Despite its minimalistic design, it exudes luxury while ensuring extreme comfort.

The choice of Italian top-grain leather creates a black and white appearance reminiscent of zebra stripes, showcasing a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetic. This premium leather not only offers a high-quality feel but also establishes a fashionable, refined ambiance.

The backrest and legs, made from high-quality solid wood, are seamlessly integrated with the chair’s seat through exquisite craftsmanship, presenting a sleek and minimalist appearance. This fusion design not only provides sturdy support but also adds a natural texture to the chair.

Technical Specifications