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Mille Side Table Set

Mille Side Table Set

The Mille side table is more like a sculpture rather a side table, simple yet sophisticated with its rounded lacquered top and the oval shaped lacquered base, it is timeless.


3,600.00 د.إ

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Material: Wood and stainless steel
Dimensions: 650*356


The Mille side table transcends the conventional notion of a mere furniture piece, emerging as a sculptural masterpiece that effortlessly marries simplicity and sophistication. Its rounded lacquered top, meticulously designed, complements the oval-shaped lacquered base, forming a timeless aesthetic that goes beyond trends. This functional art piece not only serves as a side table but stands as a testament to enduring design, with its understated elegance and thoughtful detailing creating a captivating visual narrative. In its simplicity, the Mille side table becomes a symbol of refined taste, making a lasting impression in any space with its harmonious blend of form, function, and timeless allure.

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