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Muse Dining Table

Muse Dining Table

The Muse table exhibits a distinctive, artistic, and modern design, an ideal furnishing accessory to lend a contemporary and unmatched character to any space. The tabletop establishes a captivating interplay between a wooden section and a marble section, curried by two solid curved steel sheets legs.


23,000.00 د.إ

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SKU LMT2023140 Category
Material: Nature marble, solid wood and stainless steel


The Muse table stands as a testament to distinctive, artistic, and modern design, making it the quintessential furnishing accessory to infuse any space with a contemporary and unparalleled character. Its tabletop orchestrates a captivating interplay, seamlessly merging a warm, wooden section with the cool, luxurious tones of marble, creating a visual symphony of textures and contrasts. The table’s structural elegance is further accentuated by two solid, gracefully curved steel sheets that serve as legs, adding an additional layer of sophistication. This carefully curated combination of materials not only enhances the table’s aesthetic appeal but also elevates it to the status of a functional art piece, inviting admiration and conversation in any discerning interior.

Technical Specifications