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Rendezvou Coffee Table

Rendezvou Coffee Table

Our Rendez-vous breakfast table, made from a natural walnut tree slice and a stylish steel leg, brings organic charm to a rustic-chic home. Its seamless harmony with similar wood tones, neutral hues, and natural textures creates an understatedly sophisticated setting for breakfast or teatime.


15,000.00 د.إ

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Material: Walnut wood and stainless steel


In the heart of a rustic-chic home, our Rendez-vous breakfast table stands as an exquisite embodiment of organic charm. Crafted from a natural walnut tree slice and supported by a stylish steel leg, this table becomes a captivating focal point. Its seamless integration with similar wood tones, complemented by a palette of neutral hues and enhanced with natural textures, transforms every breakfast or teatime into an understatedly sophisticated affair. In the embrace of its harmonious design, every moment spent around the Rendez-vous table is not just a meal; it’s a symphony of rustic elegance and timeless allure.

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