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Vis à Vis Wooden Modren Coffee Table

Vis à Vis Wooden Modren Coffee Table

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Material: Solid Wood and Stainless Steel Leg


The Vis a Vis coffee table effortlessly introduces a blend of natural charm and rustic elegance, showcasing a meticulously crafted design in walnut and steel. With its composition formed from a natural walnut tree slice and steel, this table becomes an ideal choice for a nature-inspired rustic-chic home. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Vis a Vis harmonizes seamlessly with woods of a similar hue, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Each element, from the rich walnut to the robust steel, contributes to a captivating narrative of natural beauty and refined craftsmanship, making the Vis a Vis a standout piece in the tapestry of a rustic-chic living space.


Technical Specifications